Starring the vocal talent of Haben
and Selina Abraham of the EriAm
Sisters, the group touted
‘the next destiny’s child”
by Pierce Morgan on AGT.  
The insane rhythmic genius of
James Burchfield.  Written and
produced by H. J. Sharpe, with gold
record producer Kevin Gardner
remixing our unique CanDo sound,
the ABC’s will never be the same!!!
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1.   I CanDo My Alphabet
2.   The Letter A Song
3.   Bebopping Down
  At The Beach
4.   C Is For CanDo
5.   D Is For Dinosaur
6.   Everybody, Everyone
7.   I'm A Fish In The Sea
8.   Goodie Goodie Gumdrops
9.   Hey, Hi, Hello, How Are You?
10.  I Love The Ice Cream
11.  The letter J Jive
12.  The Kingston Zoo
13.  L Is For Lollipop
14.  M Is For Music
15.  He's Just A Little Nuts
16.  O Is for Ocean
17.  I'm The Pumpkin Pie Guy
18.  I'm Going On A Quest
19.  Raindrops On The Rooftops
20.  It's The Skateboard, Seaside,
   Swimming, Surfboard
   Sing A Long Song
21.  Toot Toot Goes The Train
22.  up, uP, UP
23.  V You're Very Valuable To Me
24.  Who, What, Where, And Why
25.  X Marks The Spot
26.  Yodel Starts With Y
27.  Z Is For Zebra
28.  The CanDo Alphabet