The CanDo Kids Radio Show on Rainier Avenue Radio
is a 1/2 hour variety show for early learners.
"ABC's and 123's,
music, math, geography
letters, numbers  stories too
we've got it all right here for you on:
Rainier Avenue Radio
Help us continue to provide
early education for the
next generation
Our product line includes Music, books, videos and live experiences.  
Our Goal:
To create an iconic brand that lasts for generations to come, changing the lives of
children everywhere through education and funding.Early education for the next
generation. Teaching kids everywhere, that they CanDo whatever they put their minds
to!. We promote respect and acceptance, we teach children coping skills, and we
provide a solid academic foundation that builds a passion for learning in our young

Songs from
I CanDo My Alphabet Album
26 phonic songs and 2 alphabet songs
Featuring the vocal talents of Haben Abraham of The EriAm Sisters and the rhythmic
genius of James Burchfield. Remixed and mastered by gold record producer

Kevin Gardner.  
Written and produced by HJ Sharpe