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Cody CanDo
Cody is the oldest of the CanDo kids, his best friend is Clarence who he discovered living in his
closet one day.  He loves magic, music and make believe.  His favorite sport is baseball, favorite
animals are dragons.  He is smart and kind and always keeps his cool.  When he is spitting
rhymes he goes by Mr. Nice Guy.
Candy CanDo
Candy is the youngest human in the CanDo family, her best friend Cookie resides under her
bed.  Candy loves to sing, play dress up and do hair.  She loves to read and tell stories.  She is
kind but loses her cool at times, she is learning and striving to be good CanDo, she can be shy
at first but once you get her going she loves to talk!
Clarence CanDo
Clarence lives in Cody CanDo’s closet.  He is the strong and silent type, a monster of few words.  
Clarence is quirky and goofy but very intelligent and often misunderstood.  He loves Cody and
Candy but he isn’t sure about Cookie.  He likes to hide in strange places and he is up for just
about anything
Cookie CanDo
Cookie lives under Candy’s bed and she loves it there with all the dust babies. Cookie is sassy,
feisty and funny.  Her best friend is Candy Cando and she loves jellybeans. Cookie really wants
to be a CanDo but her little monster ways get in the way sometimes!
Nana CanDo
Nana CanDo is always whipping up magic in and out of the kitchen.  Nana is Sweet as can be but
always firm with the kids.  She is always cooking, baking or basting something in the kitchen.
Professor Sharpe
The Professor lives next door to the CanDos. He is the go to guy whenever the CanDos have
questions about anything. He is an absent minded man who knows everything about the world
and how it works.  He plays Classical Music as we learn about composers. His globe can take the
CanDos to different places around the world to learn about other countries and cultures.
Kealey The CanDo Bug
Kealey takes the CanDos on adventures through their imagination. She can take the CanDos
anywhere in the world to learn about the past, present, or future.