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Ellie the Elephant: An Enchanting, Encouraging Audiobook

Ellie The Elephant, is a delightful story that not only entertains but has an important life lesson for listeners of all ages.
This bedtime tale, the second in a series of stories with moral from Heidie Stanton-Sharpe’s CanDo Puppet Company
recounts the tale of Ellie the Elephant as she searches through Paris for her lost pink beret. Ellie’s adventure is
augmented with a catchy, singable tune that recounts the action. Each stanza represents a stop where Ellie makes new
friends and acquires new, colorful gifts. Sadly, however, none of them are the beloved pink beret, which eludes her
through the end of the story.
While this may sound like a disappointing end for a children’s tale, Ellie’s story ultimately provides an unexpected twist
and an important, even sophisticated life-lesson about appreciating all you have instead of focusing on what you don’t.
Ellie culminates with the song,“Attitude of Gratitude” which delivers the story’s lessen. Some listeners will recognize
Haben Abraham, the sweetheart of America’s Got Talent, season 4, as the voice of Ellie.
A charming and positive counterpoint to superheroes and transforming robots, Ellie the Elephant isn't just a tale parents
can feel good about sharing with their children, it’s one they’ll find themselves singing along with, too!
Ellie The Elephant is available from the Can-Do Shop at the
John Edwards is a freelance writer and father of three living in the Bay Area. He has written animation and children’s
books for Warner Bros. and Walt Disney.. His original children’s book, The Tryceratops, was published in 2015.

The CanDo Puppet Company's photo."The CanDo puppet show was AMAZING! The kids were VERY engaged
throughout the entire show and the message they received was terrific. The content was age-appropriate and they loved
the puppets! Thank you, Heidie, and team"!

"Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with our kiddos"!
Carrie Mitchell
First grade teacher
Mukilteo Elementary

Kindergarten Teacher
Mukilteo Elementary
We had a great time and hope that you will come back again!  :)

The visit from the CanDo puppets was terrific!  My third grade students were fascinated by the puppets and loved the
book.  The CanDos had a great message too.
Your book was awesome!!
3rd grade teacher

So-Jung Park
Endeavour ES
Our students were engaged and enjoyed the positive message.  Thanks for coming!
One of our teachers suggested incorporating the 7 habits

Lisa Dodson
Endeavour Elementary
3 Grade Teacher
The puppets are amazing.  The students were so engaged.  The show is interesting, funny and has a very strong,
positive message!
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